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The name Peri-Peri came from the African Bird’s Eye Chili that was discovered by the Portuguese that sailed in search of the famed spice route. They were surprised thatt his little pepper released a fiery spice that ignited their taste buds like no other. So enamored were they that they took it with them as they continued on their journey to the edge of the earth. Need less to say, they didn’t fall of the edge like many thought, Instead they brought with them a wealth of flavors.

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Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

and Sauce Bar

We are a collection of home-grown restaurant concepts committed to providing unique, pleasurable, and innovative social & dining experiences with a distinct focus on high quality food, excellent service and lifestyle dining concepts.

PERI-PERI serves flavourful  chicken dishes, charcoal-roasted to perfection. Peri-Peri Chicken is trimmed of excess fat and marinated for 24 hours  to ensure an explosion of flavours. It boasts of using unique spices, particularly the spice Piri Piri, a type of chili that originates from Africa.

Address:  No. 223 Oranbo Drive

                  Brgy. Oranbo Pasig City

Phone:       02 718 0998,

                  02 718 1074,

                  02 477 6197

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